A Weekend Can Last A Lifetime.

Even though we were only there for two full days plus the second half of Friday and a bit of Monday morning, it felt like we crammed two weeks‘ worth of adventure into the weekend!

Due to the Wuhan-virus, the folks out at Camp Eagle had to plan around being ‘covid-compliant’ but that didn’t stop them from engaging with our campers and putting them on an adventure of biblical proportions.

We not only played in the river and hiked in the hills, but we also got to worship on the dry riverbed and have devotions out on the trail. We ate three squares a day but were filled with God’s Word all day long!

This weekend’s themes were as timely as they were important: On Friday we were asked, “What scares you?” and challenged to place our fears before the cross. On Saturday, we pondered the question, “What saves you?” and came to realize that of all the things we depend on in life the only true answer to the question is not what but who. And that same who — Jesus — is the one who motivates us to know the answer to Sunday’s question, “What sends you?”

Thanks to everyone who helped make Camp Eagle 2020 possible. Whether you prayed, donated money, volunteered to drive, or even just asked if your kid / grandkid wanted to go, God used you to make a lifelong impact on our youth. Through them, God is training His Church to make an impact on the whole world!

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Getting Ready

We leave for camp this Friday!

By now you’ll be wantin’ to know at least two things:

  1. What should I pack? and
  2. What time are we meeting at church on Friday?

About what to pack…

Camp Eagle has a list of things to pack here. Remember, though, that list is comprehensive and is aimed at the weeklong camp experience. We’ll be going for 3 nights and 2 full days.

Definitely you must bring:
  • Your completed 14 day health screening form!
  • A mask that you can use to comply with health/safety rules.
Basic Things to Pack:
  • Bedding — Camp Eagle will have a mattress. The rest is up to you. Mr. Ryan is good with a small pillow and a blanket, but he’s uncivilized. Probably you’ll want a cover sheet for your mattress. Maybe earplugs.
  • Toiletries — Camp Eagle has showers and toilets (with TP!), but you must supply the means to clean and maintain your hair, body, teeth, etc.
  • Swim Gear — Weather permitting, we’ll get to play in the river! Swimsuits must be appropriate. Prolly a good idea to have a swim towel in addition to your shower towel.
  • Clothes — You’ll be wearing some on Friday when we leave. So you want to bring some for all day Saturday, Sunday, and for the return trip on Monday. Camp is not the place where you need to worry about winning points for style. Practical, functional, comfortable, out-in-West-Texas-where-it’s-almost-always-hot kind of clothes are best.
  • Important Gear — a small bible; journal/writing material; a re-fillable water bottle; sunscreen! Some spending money for McDonald’s, Starbucks, Camp Eagle swag…

Lastly, space is limited. We’ll be heading out and back caravan style and there should enough space to fit both our people and our stuff, if everybody packs light.

When do we leave?

On Friday, eat an early lunch and plan to arrive at church by 12:00 p.m. Bring your stuff with you to the Sanctuary, as we will have a very quick meeting, figure out ride arrangements (the van will take the bulk of our campers, and the other drivers will take a few campers plus all the luggage), take a group photo, and then head to the caravan. Our aim is to depart church by 12:30.

We plan to make a brief stop at the McDonald’s in Fredericksburg on the way out. That way we can stretch our legs a bit, make a pit stop, and grab a bite before making the rest of the journey. As of Wednesday (July 15), Fredericksburg McDonald’s has confirmed their dine-in area is open (masks required for entry, but not once we sit down to eat).

After McDonald’s, we’re aiming for a straight shot to Camp Eagle. They can not receive us before 4 o’clock, so we’ll probably arrive sometime after that.

Then begins the fun! We’ll spend Friday evening, and then all day Saturday and all day Sunday at Camp!

That’s the journey out. how about the journey back?

Caravan drivers will want to leave Giddings early enough so that we can depart Camp Eagle between 9 and 10 a.m. Camp Eagle needs us to depart the property no later than ten so they can prepare for the next incoming group and stay ‘covid compliant’.

First, we will make a stop for coffee at the Starbucks in Kerrville.

From there, we’ll head to the Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop off of Mopac in South Austin. If families are so inclined, they can meet us here for lunch and then campers can head back with their family from there.

After that, it’s a straight shot back to Giddings where campers can arrange to get picked up at the church parking lot when we arrive, sometime mid-afternoon.

More info about Camp Eagle is available at our Camp page.