Camp Eagle 2017

And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place …Mark 6:31

We often find ourselves halfway through summer vacation with a full schedule and stuff going on every day. If we don’t carve out time to be alone with Jesus, the calendar will keep tearing through the days and before we know it we’ll be off to school. This July, we will travel out to west Texas, far from our families and our normal circle of friends, out where there’s no cell phone reception and few electronics to get in the way. We will be quite a long ways from home. We will be outside of our “comfort zones” and there will be plenty of room to grow. Out there, we’ll find “it.” Sometimes you’ve got to get away from home so that Jesus can bring “it” home.

“Sometimes you’ve got to get away from home so that Jesus can bring it home.”Camp Eagle 2016

This is all so that we can be free from the normal distractions of life, free to find our identity in Christ apart from the definitions that are imposed on us by others. For many young folks, this is a first taste of what it’s like to be “alone” and to learn what it feels like to encounter God through His word as individuals. Of course, we won’t exactly be “roughing it” – we’ll be at one of the top-rated Christian Camps in the nation, surrounded by others who seek to grow in faith and to worship with abandon. Get yerself prayed up and scroll down for more info.


There & Back

  • The congregation has funded 20 campers this year!
  • We’ll meet in the church parking lot by 12:30 p.m. Monday, July 17 (plan to eat an early lunch before you come). Then, we’ll pack our stuff and figure out who sits where.
  • Once ready, our caravan will leave Giddings for Camp Eagle no later than 1:00 p.m.
  • We’ll stop at McDonald’s in Fredericksburg for a bite and gas up as needed before finishing the trip to Camp Eagle.
  • On Saturday, July 22, we plan to leave Camp Eagle by 10:30 a.m. Scroll down to see the planned route on Google Maps.
  • We’ll stop at theĀ Potbelly Sandwich Shop on the way back for lunch. Families are welcome to join us and drive home from there if you like.

To Do

  • pay camper fees
  • submit your health form online
  • submit your waiver form online

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  • pack (see list)
  • Bring a White T-Shirt!
  • arrange transportation
  • attend church
  • pray for our campers!

To Bring

  • a travel-sized bible
  • journal + writing utensil
  • clothes, but NOT everything in your closet!
  • swim gear
  • toiletries
  • bed sheets vs. sleeping bags
  • spending money (optional)
  • a thankful attitude!



Take 290 West through Johnson City, Fredericksburg and Harper. Go south on 479 to I-10 and then go west one exit to Exit number 490 (Hwy 41/Mountain Home, Rocksprings). Turn left under the highway and go west on 41. After two miles you will cross Hwy 27. Continue on Hwy 41 for 22 miles to the intersection of 41 and Hwy 83. Cross 83 and go 16 more miles on Hwy 41. Turn left onto Hackberry Road, which is a dirt road. Camp Eagle is 8 miles ahead.

More Info From Camp Eagle
Camp Eagle
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