Hunt for Gratitude

Gratitude is the unicorn of our age.

Few believe it exists.

Fewer hunt for it.

Fewer still find it.

Gratitude is not easily discovered;

it is not haphazardly stumbled upon.

Yet stalking through the woods,

crouching through the brush,

struggling through the fields,

persistent hearts must press on,

searching for that one thing few now even believe exists:

we hunt for gratitude.


In a time long ago,

before all thoughts were considered equal,

but when some were virtuous and others foolish,

in our forebears’ wisdom,

a day was marked on the calendar,

an occasion set forth,

a day for gratitude.


People gave thanks in pilgrim days when

they struggled in a foreign land,

they were far away from their loved ones,

and they didn’t know if they were going to make it through the winter.

Still they gave thanks.


People gave thanks amidst world wars when

they hadn’t heard from their husband or son,

they had to ration their pantry,

and they didn’t know if they would be blown into shadow.

Still they gave thanks.


People today give thanks all around the world

even if they don’t know where their next meal is coming from,

even if they don’t have basic sanitation,

even if their playgrounds are war zones.

Still they give thanks.


In our era and land of relative ease,

if we don’t give thanks,

what does that say about us?

What kind of people are we?

In every hour, there is something to give thanks for.

[Satan: 1) give thanks > lists, 2) long meal > lines, 3) menu together > pb&j]

If you list what you do not have,

you’ll never have enough.

But if you give thanks for what you have,

you’ll have enough.


[Bowling markers]

Our goal is to glorify God.

If that is the pins,

then certainly one of the markers on the lane is gratitude.

Psalm 7:17 proclaims, “I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness.”

Because of who God is, we ought to give thanks.

Because of what God has done, we ought to give thanks.

Because of what God has promised to do, we ought to give thanks.

Gratitude should be the ground we stand on when we pray.


[Last year, Compassion

This year, Blessman]

It is easy to look upon those children in pity.

They are impoverished, and it is embarrassing for us.

It should be.

How quickly would we act if our children were drowning in human waste?

How quickly would you act if your child were drowning in human waste?

They need help.

They are impoverished.

So we will help.

What else would we who are so blessed do?

Yet always remember this:

No one is more impoverished than he who lacks gratitude.