Feed My Sheep

In John 21, Jesus interrogates Peter, three times saying, “do you love me?” When Peter says “of course” Jesus twice instructs him to “feed my sheep”. Surely, Our Lord was drawing a spiritual point: the disciple was to tend hungry souls on behalf of his master. Twenty centuries of disciples later, we are still about the business of feeding hungry … Read More

11 a.m. Volunteer Schedule for October

Greetings All! Here’s the schedule through November 10th. Please let me know of any conflicts you may have on the dates in question. [table id=2 /] Band Practice Every Wednesday this month, including the Wednesday before Oktoberfest, it’s good to get ahead! Saturday Practice Saturday, November 2nd, from 10 a.m. to noon. We will go over Sunday material a little, … Read More

Fall Semester: Wise Men Still Seek Him

We’ll be looking ahead to Christmas this semester, studying Daniel and his friends, and gaining insight into their (probable) influence on the Magi. [table id=5 /]