NO WAY!!!!!!!

Had to share this incident from Pastor Francis Chan:

Many of you have heard the story of what happened a year ago when we decided to do a conference here in San Francisco…  In short, we were going to have hundreds of people show up in the inner city to pass out thousands of meals to the poor and homeless.  A few days before the conference, the rescue mission staff had a meeting where the leader expressed concern because they had no meat and no money.  Two hours after the meeting, Trader Joe’s (the local market) called to tell us that their refrigerators had just shut down and they needed to give us all of their meat!  Shortly after, truckloads of meat came to our front door!

Well…  We are having our conference again this Friday.  We just had a staff meeting this morning and our kitchen manager expressed concern that we might not have enough food because of the amount of people coming this year.  Guess who called half an hour after our meeting.  Yes, you guessed it!  Trader Joe’s just had a power outage!!!  Are you kidding me???!!!

We are all here shaking our heads in disbelief, celebrating, and laughing!  So I just wanted to share it with the world…