COVID-19 Policy

Dear congregational members, visitors and guests:

We greet you in the strong name of Jesus! As always, MLLC takes your spiritual, physical and emotional health seriously and as a matter of first priority. In light of the present COVID-19 crisis we are all experiencing, we are adopting the following practices and procedures until further notice, and ask your understanding and cooperation. 

  1. Please take this virus as a potentially serious threat, and take responsibility for yourself and your neighbor at all times. Practice good hygiene. If you are feeling ill or have recently been in a gathering that you think could have exposed you to a virus, play it safe and stay home. If sick, see a doctor. If elderly or if you have a weakened or vulnerable physical condition, stay home. Please reread this and do it both for your sake and that of your neighbor. And on the other hand, seek to live as normal a life as possible. This is important. Be aware, but not overreactive. Stay calm, pray, practice Peace!
  2. MLLC will offer four services each week through Lent: Wednesday noon WITHOUT A MEAL, Wednesday evening at 7:00, and two services on Sunday at their usual time. All services will be held in the sanctuary. The worship format will be simplified communion services. Until we get a better understanding of this disease and the impact it will have on our staffing, communion will be distributed as bread only, no wine. Referring to the reception of bread only, Luther said that the communion recipient should believe that when one receives one element, he or she receives the whole Christ. Faith is what matters. Also, the sharing of the peace will be omitted; be friendly, but from a cordial distance. 
  3. Please attend only one service each week. If you are able to attend a Wednesday service, please do. If your situation allows only Sunday worship, above all come, but perhaps shift to the second service which generally has more available seating. Try to spread yourselves out, as having more space between worshippers reduces the likelihood of contagion in the unlikely event such a virus is present.
  4. If you stay home from worship, worship at home. The newsletter contains the weekly readings. Read them, talk about them, pray. 
  5. Until further notice, all church council members are asked to be present each Sunday by 8:00AM, along with the usher teams, to wipe down pews and doorknobs with disinfectant. This procedure will be executed both before and after the first service. Hand sanitizer will be available for anyone who wishes to use it, and will be required of worship leaders, ushers, and Sunday school personnel. Volunteers who would like to help prepare the sanctuary for Wednesday services are eagerly welcome.

Our hope and prayer is that this present situation resolves quickly. In the mean time it is important that we practice both precaution and normalcy. I look forward to meeting together with as many of you as possible to worship and pray. May the Lord be with us, our leaders, and our healthcare system and providers, indeed all our brothers and sisters across the nations.


Rev. Waak, Senior Pastor

Sherwin Siegmund, Council President

Christ Gersch, Council Worship Liaison