July Challenge!

Here at the Church on Main Street, our philosophy is that family is “first church”. This makes our Sunday meetings really a family reunion — when our family of churches gets together to worship and to celebrate God’s gifts. It also explains why we often say —

“Everything we do at church is a model for how you can do church at home.”

This month, we are going to model something often overlooked: For the next few weeks we are going to practice memorizing the books of the bible together!

Step One: listen to this awesome song:

Step Two: We’ll sing the song together each week this month.

Step Three: take some time each week to review the table of contents in your bible at home.

It’s that simple.

Before you know it, you’ll have all 66 books in your head, matched to that catchy tune. And you’ll always be able to go back to your memory when you need to reference a bible passage and look it up.