TX District Gathering ’22

Pastor Waak will be leading workshop #4:

Spiritual Formation in the Christian Ascetic Tradition

As Christianity wanes in the West, the pursuit of other spiritualities is increasing. This breakout explores the classic Christian spiritual disciplines as the unsurpassed way to grow into one’s true self as a child of God. Participants will learn the disciplines Jesus practiced. They will also see how those same disciplines became the traditions of fervent spiritual formation in the dynamic early church. As a result, participants will be prepared to grow in an authentic, biblical, and fruitful spiritual life.

Offered Sessions 1 & 2.

What do you call it when Lutherans from across Texas get together to eat great food, fellowship with like-minded believers, share ministry opportunities, be challenged by incredible teaching, and worship the Most Awesome God?

We call it the LCMC Texas District Annual Gathering!