What’s A Rogation Day?

The word rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare meaning “to ask”. The name might sound odd, but the idea is simple: people have always prayed for good harvests. This practice goes back to the Old Testament, when the Israelites were expected to bring the best share of their harvest (their “first fruits”) to be offered to God at the tabernacle/temple. In the 5th century of our era, Christians in the West were known to observe special days of prayer and fasting for a period of time specifically to request God’s protection for their crops and from calamity. Some began the practice of prayer-walking around the parish boundaries. Eventually, this tradition was formalized into Rogate Sunday (officially observed April 25), and “minor” rogation days (Monday – Wednesday preceding Ascension Sunday).

In our day and age we see a great benefit in taking time to pray especially for not just the crops — but all that goes into our livelihoods. It makes sense, too, not only to walk around the church property, but to visit the businesses where Godly men and women wish to ask God for a blessing. And so it has become our practice to observe rogation days, whereby the pastor makes a special effort to pray for the businesses of folks who sign up for it — on site if possible (but due to Wuhan/Coronavirus, this year pastor may have to do a drive-by prayer).

If you would like us to pray for your business, click on the button below to make the request. We’ve set aside the week of May 10-16 to pray for God’s protection and blessings upon you, your family, your place of business and your livelihood.

We want to pray for you and your business!