Day 3

Day 3 was jam-packed with bible reading, worship, prayer, and lots of time in the great outdoors! The boys had to do a ‘funishment’ after forgetting to keep track of the ‘contract’. The whole team got to climb and swing (and hang and fly and fall) their way across the Millhouse challenge before taking a break at the Camp store for some treats. Then we went down to the field for one of our favorites: Team Arrow Games (TAG), and once we were good and hot and sweaty, we got to cool off in the Nueces at the waterfront, and then it was time for Bible study on the deck overlooking the river. At tonight’s evening experience we each got an inch of string (representing our life’s story) and then we followed along another string that went from the riverside all the way up a hill, so we could compare our story to God’s, and contemplate our place in His purposes.