Camp Eagle 2020

We’ve spent most of the 2020 lockdown praying for some way to have camp this summer. Now it looks like the Lord is answering our prayers:

After an initial cancellation due to Wuhan-Corona-Covid19, Camp Eagle is re-opening their group camp on a limited basis, so we’re going!!

  • A Weekend Can Last A Lifetime.
    Even though we were only there for two full days plus the second half of Friday and a bit of Monday morning, it felt like we crammed two weeks‘ worth of adventure into the weekend! Due to the Wuhan-virus, the folks out at Camp Eagle had to plan around being ‘covid-compliant’ but that didn’t stop…
  • Getting Ready
    We leave for camp this Friday! By now you’ll be wantin’ to know at least two things: What should I pack? and What time are we meeting at church on Friday? About what to pack… Camp Eagle has a list of things to pack here. Remember, though, that list is comprehensive and is aimed at…


Dates:July 17 – 20
FridayMeet at Church at 12, depart around 12:30 p.m.
Arrive at Camp Eagle between 4 – 5 p.m.
SaturdaySpend all day at Camp Eagle
SundaySpend all day at Camp Eagle
MondayDepart Camp Eagle between 9 – 10 a.m.
Arrive back at Church in the afternoon


Since this is a weekend excursion, it will be more laid back compared to the usual weeklong camp experience — but we’re ready for that! Have a look at the tentative schedule for our days:

8:15 a.m.breakfast to-go with our group
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.morning hike + bible study + ten for ten
12:15 p.m.lunch in cabin groups
1:15 – 7 p.m.activities (includes water activities)
7:15 p.m.dinner in cabin groups
8:00 p.m.socially-distant worship + short message
9:30 time in cabin groups until lights out

Click the button below for more information.


Consider that we’re not planning on being gone for a year or a month — or even a full week! Basically, you’re looking at packing:

  • clothes to last you three days and three nights (Friday noon through Monday afternoon)
  • protection from rain and cool sunshiney and hot weather!
  • swim gear — suits, water shoes, goggles, sunscreen, towel
  • toiletries. soap, shampoo, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, etc.
  • bedding — they supply the mattress, you supply the rest!
  • a bible, a pen, and a notebook

That’s a minimum list. Camp Eagle has done a great job making a very extensive list to help campers figure out what to put in their backpack and what to leave home. Check out these links:


Settled along the Nueces River, Camp Eagle enjoys cool breezes several times of day, and has lots of gorgeous views of the surrounding hills and diverse wildlife. The facilities are well kempt and conveniently laid out.


The cost to reserve a camper’s bed is $255. Additionally, the church rents a van to ferry most of the youth back and forth, which costs somewhere north of a grand. Furthermore, we typically spend a couple hundred bucks on supplies, snacks, etc. All told we figure we’ll spend close to six thousand dollars to send 20+ folks to camp this July.

You are welcome to contribute any amount toward covering these costs. We’ve set up a special fund called “Camp” for this purpose. Any monies left over from this year will go towards next year’s trip.


Camp Eagle is in Rocksprings (see map). We typically make a pit stop at the McDonald’s in Fredericksburg on our way out, and in the past we’ve stopped at Potbelly’s (off of MoPac Expressway) in South Austin on our way back.

Not everybody and all their stuff can fit in the van we rent. So we need volunteers to drive people and/or stuff. Interested in volunteering for caravan duty? Let us know!


The Wuhan-Corona-Covid19 situation being what it is, Camp Eagle has been proactive in complying with the latest state recommendations. To ensure everyone has a safe, maximally healthy time, we’ve got some new rules to abide by and they’ve adjusted operations, too.

  • Each camper must complete a 14-day screening before arriving at camp. (see below for a link to PDF)
  • If a camper arrives at Camp Eagle without their pre-screening form they will have to return home. This document is mandatory for entrance into Camp Eagle this summer.
  • Campers and leaders must be registered 14 days before camp; we will not accept any registrations after 14 days prior. (We do this so that your campers can start the screening process at the appropriate time).
  • All campers must be assigned to a cohort (cabin group) of up to 14 people; cohort lists must be sent to camp 7 days prior to arrival. 
  • Purchases will be made by cabin rather than beds, and cabin groups must be established 7 days before arrival. 
  • Campers will receive a health screening upon arrival at Camp Eagle; if they present a fever or any symptoms associated with COVID-19, they will be unable to attend camp.
  • In addition to the initial screening, campers will receive a health screening each day while at camp and will be quarantined or sent home if the camper has a fever or symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • Every group needs to have an escape vehicle to use in case they will need to take a camper off-site for medical reasons.

Click the button for a link to the PDF form. Day 1 is Friday, July 3. So begin recording your temperature daily on that date. Day 14 is Thursday, July 16. Bring your completed form (including parent/guarding signature!) with you when we meet to leave for Camp on Friday, July 17.

  • Campers will have limited contact while maintaining social and activity opportunities by remaining in a small cohort, which will also act as their cabin group. We encourage campers to travel in their cohort when possible and limit mixing with other cohorts during travel.
  • Participation in dining and activities will also take place in cohorts.
  • Camp Eagle has ensured proper ventilation of buildings.
  • Camp Eagle has created new handwashing stations for convenient, regular handwashing.
  • Camp Eagle has increased the frequency of sanitation of facilities to three cleans of public spaces each day.
  • Camp Eagle will follow our Communicable Disease Plan and cooperate with local authorities to contact trace and contain the spread of COVID-19, should a case or suspected case of COVID-19 occur.
  • For a comprehensive list of the actions Camp Eagle has taken to prevent the presence of COVID-19 at camp, please see here. For other health & safety info, see here.


Located in west of the Texas Hill Country, Camp Eagle has been a spiritual oasis for our youth since 2014. Every summer, we gather there with hundreds of other youth for a week of fellowship, worship, and discipleship. The growth and change God effects in us while we are there lasts a lifetime.