Devotion Attack

You walk into the youth center after a rough day at school. An argument between you and a friend lingers in your mind and distracts you from seeing that something is different about the room. It is not until you sit down on the couch that you notice: the youth leader is missing!

Everyone else is here, standing around looking at you as if you should know what to do. A girl (what was her name? She’s kind of new this year) speaks up and says to you,

“Hey, why don’t we get started? You know how to get the TV set up.”

Everyone nods in agreement. If you thought you could get out of it before, the tug at your stomach tells you differently. Looks like you’re gonna have to show a little of that ‘leadership potential’ everyone says they see in you.

You look for the Apple TV remote on the bookshelf below the TV. Aiming it at the TV, you click the menu button.

If the TV turns on, turn to page 38.

If the TV doesn’t turn on, turn to page 42.