Mission Creep

Your day began well enough, but now things are getting weird.

Mostly, it’s your best friend, Pat, who began questioning religion ever since Sean and Jesse got divorced (Sean and Jesse are Pat’s parents). But also, a new set of families have moved into the area and now your school is full of people who practice all kinds of religions.

At lunch, Pat asks you, “hey, how about going to the Voodoo Ritual tonight? I heard Jordan and Kelly are going to do some sort of animal sacrifice to make sure everyone who goes gets a full ride scholarship to college.”

This makes you uncomfortable, for obvious reasons. You realize your response could alienate Pat if you are not careful. Quickly, you go over a list of possible answers in your head —

If you say “Pat, you know I’m a Christian. I’m not allowed to take part in other religions,” turn to page 12.

If you say, “Eww! How could anybody ever consider sacrificing an animal for any reason except food?” turn to page 23.

If you say, “Sure, I’ll go check it out — but don’t expect me to be a part of it: I’m just an observer,” turn to page 34.