Lecture on Early Greek Manuscripts

Christians trust God’s Word, but do how we know we can trust that the Bible is God’s word? After centuries of wear and tear, is it possible that the scriptures were copied over and over and yet didn’t get mixed up somehow? After all, we don’t have the original manuscripts written by the apostles, so how can we be sure the Bible we have today is trustworthy?

The Lanier Theological Library will be hosting celebrated Bible translator and professor of Greek language Bill Mounce as he addresses these and other questions on April 22 & 23. If you have an interest in apologetics, New Testament studies, or just are curious to know how to approach such questions, head on over to the Lanier Library for one or both events.

Two Great Events


2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Come attend the Panel Discussion between Jeff Cate, Elijah Hixson, Bill Mounce, Randy Richards, and Mark Lanier. Registration is free and open to all.


7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Come attend Bill Mounce’s lecture, “Statistics Don’t Lie, or Do They? Can We Trust the Greek Manuscripts Behind Our Translations?” Registration is free and open to all.

Bill Mounce, PhD

Bill Mounce (PhD University of Aberdeen) is the President of BiblicalTraining.org, a non-profit organization offering educational resources for the local church. He runs BillMounce.com, a site committed to helping people learn biblical Greek.