What’s your mission?

Your life is like a spy movie.

No, seriously. Think about it: You’re behind enemy lines, in hostile territory. You’ve got instructions from HQ, but you’re not always successful at decoding them and carrying them out. You often find allies in the most unlikely places. Whenever you truly need something to get you through a difficult pass, it is provided. You are always working to gain the trust of hostile civilians, and occasionally some of your work results in their changed allegiance. Frequently, you need to meet others at a “safe house” to share intel and get equipped for upcoming missions.

Of course, every analogy breaks down at some point, but this one does a good job of reclaiming the thrill and urgency and zest that ought to belong to words like “missionary” and “Great Commission.” The All-Powerful God has created us with a purpose, redeemed us for a purpose, and is making us useful for His purposes. How is that not dangerously thrilling?