Youth Group in August

We won’t be meeting at the Youth Center during August. Usually, that’s the month when everybody’s busy getting ready for school, starting up sports team practices or having marching band rehearsals, and so most years we take the time to plan for the upcoming school year. However, this year we’ve had such a great thing going since Camp Eagle that we wanted to keep the momentum, so we’re planning extra events. 

August 03 • Nuke ‘Em!

Nuke ‘Em was the popular game at Camp Eagle this summer. So if you want to join in and learn how to play, show up at the volleyball courts at the City Park on August 3rd. It’s hot outside, though, so we won’t start til 6:30, and refreshments are going to be lighter than a full meal (more like drinks and frozen stuff), so consider eating before you come. Be sure to bring your mom or dad along as we won’t be able to look after / give rides to everybody!

August 10 • Pool Party!

We’re grilling out and having a pool party! Call or send a text message to Mr. Ryan and let him know who you’re bringing along, so we can be sure to buy enough hamburger patties and fixin’s. Your whole family is welcome to come — parents, siblings, etc. — just be sure if you bring somebody younger-than-youth-group-age then a parent must attend too. Wear appropriate swim gear / sunscreen, etc. if you plan to swim.

August 17 • Back to School

This Wednesday falls on the same week that school starts. Since it’ll be super busy for everybody, we’re gonna take this night off, so folks can start getting into the rhythm of the new academic year.

August 24 • CPR Training

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency! On the 24th, we’ll meet at the Lee Co. EMS over on Orange Street and get trained for CPR. The church is aiming to cover the cost for everybody who signs up, but if you wish to contribute it’s normally $25 for youth and $45 for adults.

Please be sure you use the sign up sheet (we’ll pass it around on Wednesdays and have it in the church lobby on Sundays) so we can get an accurate idea of who’s interested (adults or youth) in getting certified.

August 31 • Detective LARP!

Youth group this Wednesday might be a bit … different. There’s been a murder! Or there might be. Or there might have been – by then. It’s all still in flux. At any rate, a crime has been committed, and a mystery needs to be solved!