Before you can form your next thought, something crashes through the window — it’s a zombie!

“Mmmmwwwaaauuuuggghhh,” it moans, “Brrraaaaiiinnnzzzz!” and stumbles forward. Everyone in the room is frozen in their tracks. Nobody moves. This day is getting weirder and weirder…

Finally, one of the seniors stands up and speaks — quite disapprovingly — to the zombie.

“What do you think you’re doing barging in here like that? Can’t you use a door? If you’re smart enough to hunt us for our brains, surely you can bother to turn a door knob!”

The zombie looks hurt. What’s left of its rotting face drips into a frown as it replies, “Aaaahhhh ammmmm toooooo dummmmbbb tooooo annnnnssssweerrrr mmmmaaahhhhsssselllfff…nnneeeeeddd annnnssswweeerrrrssszzzz fffrrrroommmmm Chrrrrrriissssshhhhchuuunnnnnssszzzz.”

This is a new development. The zombie doesn’t want to eat your brains: he just wants to pick your brains!

“Hey!” shouts one of the younger boys, “he doesn’t want to eat our brains — he just wants to pick our brains!” Everyone cracks up at his timely joke.

Hey, I was gonna say that! You grumble under your breath.

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