“Well, what is your question? Speak clearly so we can understand you,” says the senior spokesperson.

“Mmmyyy vvvvammmpppirre ffrriennndddzzz belieeeevvvve innnn Goddddd buuuut theyy ssssayyyy Jessszzzuss iszzznnn’t Goddddd. Howwwwww dooooo Iiiii resssponndddd?”

Silence fills the room as everyone pauses to think.

One of the smarter kids in the youth group speaks up.

“God raised Jesus from the dead. That is a sign of divine approval.”

“Yeah,” chimes in another, “if Jesus did things only God can do and allowed people to worship him when worship belongs to God alone, then if he weren’t God, he was a deceiver. Why should God raise him from the dead if he was a liar?”

Everyone nods in agreement.

After an annoyingly long pause, the zombie answers back.

“yyyyyeeeeaaaasssss, bbbbuuut wheeerrrreeee dddoooeezzz tttthhe biiiiibbble sssssayyyyy tthhhaaaaaaatttt?”

Silence fills the room as everyone pauses to think. Then one at a time, everyone heads to pick up a bible from the nearest table.

If you turn to Matthew 14:33, turn to page 7.

If you turn to John 20:28, turn to page 28.

If you turn to Luke 7:11-15, turn to page 16.