“Holy Water is real!” screams Vlad, as he lunges for a plate of food. “I’ve seen it in the movies!!!”

“The idea of holy water comes from baptism,” you answer, “but it’s not like you can bottle the stuff.”

“Can so!” he shouts back.

“Well sure, you can borrow it, but that’s just water at that point. But what is bottled is not holy water any more than water from the sink.”

“Then why do they bottle it?” Vlad asks.

“I dunno. We don’t at our church. All we do is baptize. For a baptism you need water and God’s Word. When those are joined together, you could say the water is holy — because wherever God’s Word is there you find holiness.”

Vlad looks at you with his big black pupil-less eyes. “Go on,” he says.

“Well, when someone is baptized that’s where you’ll find God bringing people to life. It is a second birth. But after the baptism we don’t keep the water. What remains with us (or is supposed to, anyway), is God’s Word.”

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