Pounding from the door outside shocks you out of your stunned reverie. The adult leader glowers at you and says, “I’ll handle the door. You get to the devotions!”

Chastened, you make your way to the TV where everyone is now seated. Minutes ago their cheery faces were as boisterous and unserious as anything in the world. But now they mean business.

“Is there anyway to fight back against a vampire,” asks a youth?

“I don’t think that one’s in the bible,” you answer.

“But what can we do?”

“We can pray.”

Everyone bows their heads in prayer. Just as you are about to begin, the adult leader holding back the door goes flying against the wall, the door flying after him, bent in half. In walks the vampire.

“Behold! I am Vlad The Inhaler, Ruler of Metrics and Inker of Tattoos. I have come for my own and am taking them with me! Mwwaaa ha ha haa!”

The vampire makes for a bowl of M&Ms, grabs a handful, and begins eating them. Somehow the crunch sounds like bones breaking in his mouth.

“I have but one question for you! If you answer, I shall release my thralls!!!”

“What’s a thrall,” a younger youth member whispers.

“Shh! Just listen,” you cut him off.

Boldly you stand up and speak, “Vlad, state your question.”

“What makes holy water, and how can I stop it?”

“…that’s two questions, technically,” you answer him.

“Well, where does the bible talk about holy water? I want to avoid it!”

If you answer him “it doesn’t,” turn to page 8.

If you answer, “you must be speaking of baptism,” turn to page 9.