“Ahhhh! Smells great! Everyone, let’s thank the Altar Guild for bringing the food.”

The room erupts into applause and loud cheers. When the noise dies down, somebody in the back of the room says, “hey, let’s do the Johnny Appleseed prayer!” and everyone immediately agrees, praying in a sing-song chorus:

Oh the Lord is good to meand so I thank the Lord / for giving me the things I need: / the sun and the rain and the apple seed / the Lord is good to me / Amen / Amen, Amen Amen / Ahh~~~~~mennnnnnn!

Everyone takes their plate of food and digs in.

You linger awkwardly by the TV, wondering about the Missing Youth Leader. Should we have a devotion tonight at all? … Could I possibly wing it?

But just as you’re musing over what to do, multiple voices spring up:

“Hey! Let’s skip the devotion tonight and head to the playground.”

“No, lets have a devotion!”

“Let’s stay in and watch cat videos on YouTube!”

Dumbfounded, you stare out at the others, and they stare at you. Somebody must decide…

If you decide to head to the playground, turn to page 63.

If you decide to have a devotion, turn to page 44.

If you decide to watch YouTube, turn to page 86.