You open a bible and read Matthew 28:19-20.


Vlad’s eyes seem to shrink in his skull. He is beginning to understand.

Then you open John chapter 3 and read verses 1 – 16.


“Ahhh…now I understand!” exclaims Vlad. “I, Vlad the Inhaler have been tricked all these years into fearing water when I ought to fear God’s Word instead!” He bows a curt bow in your general direction, almost respectfully — but definitely as though to an underling who doesn’t deserve it — and says after a pause, “…I shall release my thralls into your care.”

Instantly, the roof blows off the youth center and Vlad flies off in a poof of smoke. The smoke is brownish and smells like dead rats. When it clears, the whole group is there, sitting in stunned silence around the TV area. No pink eyes among them.

“Well, did we miss anything?” one asks. “Is it too late to have devotions?”

The End.