“Get back inside, everyone! Quickly!” You shout. Your voice barely makes a dent against the wind which seems to be blowing around the circle and the dark figure, so you rush over to them and grab someone’s arm.

“We’ve got to get inside! Can’t you see the danger!?” you scream. Thankfully, a few youth peel off from the circle. Arm in arm they pull, they yank, they force one another to leave their place on the playground and eventually you find yourself back inside.

“How many made it inside?” you ask, breathlessly. “Quick: Do a head count.”

One of the adults does and answers you back, “I count seven heads.”

“Seven total? That means more are still out there with that…that thing!”

You make for the door to try and rescue the rest, but an adult volunteer prevents you from running outside. “It’s too late for them,” you are told. “Just do devotions with the faithful who remain.” But before the door closes you are able to look out and what you see astounds you:

The figure is sinking his fangy teeth into the necks of the youth outside. He’s a vampire!

For each one bitten, their pink eyes become pitch black. No pupil remains. Just as one turns his (hers? its?) gaze on you, the door slams shut.

“I said: ‘just do devotions with the faithful who remain!‘” shouts the adult again. You look at them and for the first time you notice they are wearing a cross necklace. It glows with an eerie light.

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