A blinding flash of light whooshes past. Colors inside your eyelids explode in a frenzy of psychedelic patterns.

You wake up in a clearing, somewhere southwest of town.

The sun is going down and a lone cloud obscures the rising moon on the horizon. You hear the howl of wolves in the distance and just make out the rattle of train cars. The sound is haunting, and somehow brings to mind the scent of rotten melon rinds and moldy leaves.

Wait! What am I doing here?!

Slowly, it dawns on you that everything has been a dream. Still lying in the tall grass, you take a quick look around to inspect your surroundings. There’s a knife stuck in your thigh, nearly to the hilt!! You touch your leg and notice there’s no feeling there. Just wet, cold … probably blood.

Well, that explains why I’m laying here.

No it doesn’t!

You drift in and out of consciousness, thoughts melding into an ungrammatical blob of words, perceptions, and feelings.

The sun now set, you can just make out the silhouette of bats wings. The sound of flapping leather gets louder and louder…

The End.