Mission Creep 12

“I can’t believe you Christians,” Pat remarks. “You’re all about love and forgiveness and acceptance, but then you send everybody to Hell just for being different.”

“Hold on just a minute, there,” you counter. “That’s not fair. You know I’m not sending anybody to Hell just because they don’t believe like I do.”

“Yeah, but your God does,” says Pat, with eyes downcast and welling with tears. “He forces us to obey all these rules and then when we fail — he goes and shuts us off from Heaven.”

Before you can muster a thought, the bell rings signaling that lunch is over. Pat gets ready to head off to Science class, the opposite direction from where you’re going. You’ve got about twenty seconds to turn this around.

If you say, “C’mon, Pat. Cut me some slack. I’m not such a stick in the mud Christian as all that. I’ll go to the Voodoo Ritual,” turn to page 34.

If you say, “Hey: I’m not gonna pretend I’m someone I am now just because you decided to hate on Christians. If you wanna be a prick, fine. But when you get over yourself, if you wanna talk later, you know my number,” turn to page 56.

If you say, “Pat! Are you really so angry that you’ll throw all Christians out of your life — the good ones with the bad ones? LOL: You’re just as bad as the Christian God you complain about!” turn to page 67.