Mission Creep 20

Three weeks later Pat finds you at lunchtime again. You’ve made it a goal to bring your bible to school everyday and to be prepared for whatever questions come your way. But this time, Pat comes with four other friends in tow.

They all sit down as one. You’re surrounded.

“Well, Christian,” says one. The way it’s said is more of a statement than a greeting.

“Pat here’s been telling us that you believe in God and stuff.”

You can feel their collective gaze. They are sizing you up for vulnerabilities.

Why does being a Christian have to be such a struggle, Lord? You complain to God. Okay, Jesus, you lead, and I’ll go wherever you want things to go. Just give me the words to say.”

“Yes,” you reply cautiously. “I believe in God. It’s not a crime.”

“Good!” Another one says. You’re taken by surprise at the tone of voice. It’s not threatening at all.

“We’ve been wondering where we can go to learn more about Christianity, and Pat said you were the one.”

“Well … okay,” you reply, “what do you want to know first?”

“Just give us the basics. We can get into details later on,” says the one sitting next to Pat.

You take your bible out from your backpack and turn to John 3:15 …

Turn to page 21.