Mission Creep 23

Now that school is out and a few hours have passed, you hope Pat will be in a different mood about things. No doubt, Pat probably doesn’t like the idea of animal sacrifice — that’s just animal cruelty. So perhaps a few more nudges in the right direction will help change Pat’s mind.

You send Pat a text.

LOLS, ROFL. emoticon emoticon hashtag irony

Hey Pat, I heard Police tipped off re: the sacrifice. Did u know it’s illegal to kill animals for sport? Not sure we shd go. LOLS ROFL TXT me back.

A few moments later, you get a text from Pat.

LOLCAT ur so dum. Po-Po cant do nuthin on privat proprt. it’s at Andie’s Ranch on FM 2224. Besides if Po-Po show up I know it was u, u NARC.

Crap. Now you have to go, or everyone (at least everyone willing to practice Voodoo Sacrifice!) will think you are a blabbermouth snitch. Not good.

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