Mission Creep 35

Once you arrive at the location of the secret Voodoo Ritual the smell of rot and stench hits your nostrils so violently that you nearly throw up.

A crowd is assembled around a campfire. Their silhouettes blend in with the shadows of the trees around them. You look to the other side of the burning fire and see the leader holding …

… a chicken

… wing.

A fried chicken wing.

He shouts to the crowd, “dig in!” and eats his chicken wing, and immediately everybody else does the same.

Now that your eyes have adjusted tot he light, you can see faces and it dawns on you: It’s all the sports teams! This explains the smell, you think to yourself.

But now that you’ve seen the fried chicken your own stomach begins to growl and soon enough hunger has got the better of you. You begin scanning around for a serving table.

Just then, Pat runs into you and hollers your name.

“I thought you weren’t gonna show! Boy, you sure were spooked by my joke about the Voodoo Ritual!” Pat laughs a belly laugh. “You sucker!”

Ever since the divorce, Pat has been emotionally all over the place. You can’t blame yourself for taking things seriously. But you can’t say this out loud. As you consider what to say, Pat brings you over to the food table and you fill up with meats and fixins. Then the two of you find a relatively quiet spot to sit (away from the sweaty footballers!) and Pat opens up.

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